What is ready to assemble furniture? Should I hire A Pro?

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If you’ve ever assembled your own furniture, you know how challenging it is. No matter the size of the job is tedious, and usually results in mental stress.

Ready to assemble furniture is a great alternative. Ready to assemble furniture is preassembled by panels. Meaning the sides and bottom are already assembled. You may only need to screw these panels together.

But just in case you take on a furniture assembly project, I’d like to give you some tips. . These tips are based on projects I’ve taken on for easiest to the most difficult.

Here are some things you want to consider before you do it yourself or hire a pro.

Number of Drawers to assemble

Furniture assembly with multiple drawers can be a pain. Many of the parts are small and require lots of patience. I recommend for assembly jobs with 6 or more drawers, hire a pro. Drawers are typically assembled with ready to assemble furniture.

Desks Assembly

The difficulty of the desk depends on the shape of the desk. L – shaped and U shaped desk may require additional people to assemble. These desk also come with many smaller parts.

Ikea Furniture

This furniture has a high difficulty level because of the instructions. Many of these instructions are written in schematic form. Basically, written for engineers and in some case the instructions are missing all together.

In reality, hiring local furniture assembly service is the best option to assembling your piece safely and with ease.

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